Day 1: What is a Poem?

what a question
hanging on the tongues of thousands
that will not utter a word


the selection of a few crass phonemes
arranged articulately upon a page of memories
and experiences
the ones that carry us through our lives
and show themselves
as a scar on a knee
as a card on a mantle
as the ribbon in her hair that she wore
that day
and how it flittered and fluttered in the wind
as you stood
facing her
and all the possibilities
the infinite choices between this
moment and the next
the ones that carry you by

a poem
is a snatching of that choice
a claiming of that memory
and an engraving of all the
raw emotion that makes us human
among a world that can be

a poem
is a breath in a lung
in the wind
in a hurricane
capturing all the bits and pieces
of one fragment in time
so that we can share the burden
of our
an feel a little less alone.

(c) Lindsey Smith


About PenniCash

A single mother and educator, often tired and on an MMO when able. I think too much, sleep too little, and always hold onto that tomorrow is a fresh day. View all posts by PenniCash

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