shift: fun with gimp


Awaken to a darkened morn;
Dawn cannot see past the clouded horizon. I stir.
Stretch – lengthen bodymuscle tighten
sigh to a new day without you

no context as I wander down near empty
streets searching for the door back into you

wait. I brush the bark of a fenced-in tree,
sliding out of sight as you emerge
refreshed for a new moment of life,
finding the silver lining in the clouds that float
high above the rooftops that shelter us from
cold rain and violating eyes

and pigeon poop.

I shift from view, avoiding your eyes.
You look right through me – did you ever see me? I see
bright among the shadows cast by dust/vapor,
two nothings combined to form a monstrous substance
strong enough to blot out the sun. The clouds
move in the wind, shifting above and below as I trail behind
like breadcrumbs following you home.

You are my way out –

but you cannot see
me as I see you, watching a life without my
everything I gave to you; That you threw away,
so careless with my everything,
memories forgotten, unlike the missing Sun
whose rays peer forth between cracks in the vapor,
Reminding us that one way or the other,
things remain to be seen.

©Lindsey Smith

Inspired by the Daily Post.


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A single mother and educator, often tired and on an MMO when able. I think too much, sleep too little, and always hold onto that tomorrow is a fresh day. View all posts by PenniCash

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