Lord of the Rings Online Roleplay

[check out Cwen and Anya’s stories at Cwendlwyn Tain of Rohan and other tales]

My Dark Habit

going to start that up again:
that need to explore different sides of me
crazy crim or mary sue
no white knights come thundering to the rescue
and only with a keyboard clack clack can I get
the knack knack to
look at myself

not quite sure not quite right
(why else should I ever stay up all night)

Because here, in these lands,
it’s difficult to dance
or laugh or be merry or take a chance
considering the skies

but When surrounded by Hobbits
and abc files
the faces of me all smile


About PenniCash

A single mother and educator, often tired and on an MMO when able. I think too much, sleep too little, and always hold onto that tomorrow is a fresh day. View all posts by PenniCash

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