Who’s Mumbling

In a world of turmoil that seeks to center its core, I totter above the precipice gazing into the abyss of silver light.

Or something like that. I have reached the age of 31 and am a single mother of a seven-year-old with ADHD who also deals with her own emotional demons. I teach high school freshman how to think beyond the grind and actually expect them to engage their brains, much to their chagrin. I don’t take “I don’t know” for an answer in or out of the classroom.

A Ram and a fire and a Dog, I dance naked when no one is home, sing to myself when others can hear me, and would seek to sum up humankind in a traditional haiku…if only I knew Japanese. My bark is worse than my bite, and I am sure there are many out there who would want to experience the teeth rather than the words I bare.

Comments on Commenting

Please feel free to comment on my posts.

Constructive criticism is considered and weighed. Intelligent debate encouraged.  However, I cannot tolerate hate or trolling. It makes me really sad.

How I Write

Most of the time I write after my kiddo gets to bed. So, it’s late and what’s coming out must be relatively important to me for me to stay up and write. I sometimes post using my IPhone, so things get overcorrected without my noticing.  Occasionally I will post in the midst of a walking exhaustion coma…beware true rambling then.  And then, there’s the rants written in indignant rages…Just keep in mind that if I correct anything like an English teacher would or overracting to the world, I’m probably PMSing.

Thanks for reading, thanks for caring…

See you, Space Cowboy…


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