Wandering minstrel
Singing lightly of sorrow –
Gaze always ahead

,and so–i trust him with my heart

,and so–i trust him with my heart
–with my heart, he trusts me

i smile: his smile and love: his love
for all the world to see

and with his arms ‘twined with my arms
we dance so merrily

for i love my love because i know
my love loves me

in hiding

I bawk at sunlight
not trusting the warmth to not
hide behind lightning

the hardest part

racing hare heartbeat
wanting to know what might be
’round the crooked bend

slow and steady

slow and steady say
a solid oak upward grows
branches let one fly

to see you

like a flower bud waiting
to feel the warm sun


lips curl iris-like:
petals opening fully
to reveal splendor


focusing on life takes

looks like I’ll just
slide on down the Rabbit Hole


objectively sub
-jectively i wish we weren’t
such a perfect fit


a thin connection
spider silk around my heart
an anchor to hope