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When I think of you,
My smile blossoms, delicate;
I reach for your sun.


Love Haiku

Once upon a time
My heart kept time like a waltz
Now the beat is off

June 23, 2017

When you part your hair
over your forehead like that,
my heart skips a beat.

July 12, 2017

When your face clouded
at the sight of a red dress,
I knew that I lost.

July 19, 2017

,and so–i trust him with my heart

,and so–i trust him with my heart
–with my heart, he trusts me

i smile: his smile and love: his love
for all the world to see

and with his arms ‘twined with my arms
we dance so merrily

for i love my love because i know
my love loves me


objectively sub
-jectively i wish we weren’t
such a perfect fit


a thin connection
spider silk around my heart
an anchor to hope


what can i do more
to satisfy the craving
for sounds of your voice?


six year old Hands trace
the scar of sixteen stitches
on my wrist; She hmms.

heart haiku

my heart breaks for you
in arrhythmic fashion beats
of five seven five


cannot see
but visualize your
body in my grasp
shall i squeeze you
’til your sigh parts
from your soul and
joins into me?
as i breathe you in
you fill me wide
a solid shadow

(pass through me)