The Daily Spark Poetry

Poetry is always with me. It’s in the marrow of my bones. Yet, too often I find myself exhausted by life and unable to conjure that light deep within me that guides my pen.

This is where The Daily Spark comes in.

I initially picked up the light green half-book at Barnes and Noble wondering if I could use it in my classroom. It’s difficult to teach poetry when I, personally, just don’t think about it. I just do it. It’s one of those special things, I think, that people get, or they don’t, or they pretend to get just to make someone happy. Flipping through the poetry warm-up activities, I found easy (to me) prompts that made my fingers itch. Where’s my quill pen?

Foregoing the chance that students might not appreciate the prompts, I chose to first spend a school year with them on my own. How could I teach what I did not know? Maybe the pages will never be copied and shared with my students. Maybe only a select few will assist me. But for now, I will write one poem a day based on the prompts in The Daily Spark and post them here.

It’s a good a start as any as I trust myself with such a dangerous weapon as the written word again.


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